Thu. 1st Mar.2018


First Time Holi Puja at Dadar Club

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Fri. 9th Mar.2018

Pop Dhamaka by Sharmila

On special demand from Members

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Sat. 24th Feb.2018

Club Day Musical Night

Due to the Municipal road repairs work the Club Day on 25th Jan. has been rescheduled on 24th Feb.2018

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Sat. 17th Feb.2018

Karaoke Night

In view of the municipal road repairs work the car parking in the basement was closed hence club events were postponed.Noew the road work is over and parking will be made available from 17th Feb.2018

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7th Jan.2018

1 Day Close

In view of the pest control treatment the restaurants & bar will remain closed for full day on Mon. 8th Jan. 2018. All other departments will remain open but service from restaurant will not be available.Members are requested to cooperate.

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7th Jan.2018

Changes w.e.f 9/1/2018

It has been observed that the footfall in the 2nd floor Bar is negligible on all days other than Sundays and Dry days. In view of above the Bar on 2nd floor will be functional as per regular timings on Sundays and Dry Days. On other days it will remain open only from 6:30pm to 11:30pm and closed from 11:30am to 3:30pm. However the Bar on 4th floor Multicuisine restaurant will remain open for members on all days from 11:30am to 3:30pm & 6:30pm to 11:30pm. With this arrangement the Multicuisine restaurant will remain open till 1am.

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23th Dec.2017

Important Notice

In view of the New Year Eve Celebration organized by Dadar Club on 31st Dec. 2017, all the departments will remain closed from 4pm onwards since the staff will be engaged in the preparations of the event. Also, the entry to the Club from 7 pm onwards on that day will be allowed only on producing the Dinner Pass.

The Dinner Passes are available at the reception counter.

On 31st December 2017, from 7 pm onwards the elevators will not be functional from basement to ground floor.

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24th Dec.2017

Free Salsa Demo classes

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17th Dec.2017 - Futsal matches

Football matches at Antonio D'silva school turf

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9th Dec.2017 - Rajesh Khanna Hits

on his 75th birth anniversary

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24th Dec.2017 - X-mas Party

A Grand Celebration for Children

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Guest Fees

The revised guest fees effective from 23rd October 2017 are as follows-

On 2nd floor Bar & 4th floor multicuisine RestoBar
(8 am to 11:30 pm)
* Rs. 80/- per guest on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.
* Rs. 100/- per guest on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.
* Rs. 200/- per guest on dry days.

On 3rd floor Pure Veg Restaurant
(11:30 am to 03:30 pm & 06:30 pm to 11:30 pm)
* Rs. 50/- all days

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Multicuisine Restaurant & Bar started

4th floor multicuisine Restaurant & Bar was started from 7:30pm, on Wed. 18th Oct. 2017.
Members appreciated the new bar counter designed by Jt.Hon.Secretary Mr. Shreerang Aras. The Members & their guests enjoyed the delicious food by the newly appointed caterer, M/s Athiya Hospitality.

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Multicuisine Restaurant & Bar

4th floor multicuisine Restaurant & Bar will function from 7:30pm, Wed. 18th Oct. 2017.
Enjoy with your family and guests the delicious food by the newly appointed caterer, M/s Athiya Hospitality.

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Rangoli Contest

Dadar Club organises Rangoli Contest on Sunday, 15th Oct. 2017
Members and their Dependents who are 25 years age or above can apply.

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Pure Veg. Restaurant

Dadar Club starts Pure Veg. Restaurant on 30th September 2017, the auspicious muhurat of Dassera

Members and their guests are enjoying the tasty snacks & food by caterers Athiya Hospitality

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Multicuisine Restaurant & Bar

Dear Members, We have great pleasure to inform you that with great efforts of our committee members President Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh, Hon. Secretary Mr. Shreerang Aras, Treasurer Mr. Amit Chaudhari, Member Mr. Naresh Kadam and Mr. Mayur Shah, we have procured the Liquor License for 4th floor multicuisine restaurant.

The furniture work of the Bar counter & Bond room is at completion stage and the pest control and ozone cleaning work will take 3 more days. Members will be informed as soon as the opening date of the 4th floor multicuisine restaurant is fixed.

The 3rd floor veg. restaurant will be functional from 30th Sep.2017 on the auspicious day of Dassera. Limited menu of veg. non.veg starters will be served in the 2 nd floor permit room. Also scheme of "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" is offered on major liquor brands. We highly appreciate the patence and cooperation from our members.

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Sat. 7th Oct. 2017

Karaoke Night

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Permit Room

Special Festive Offer

We are pleased to announce Special Festive Offer from Wednesday, 27th Sep. 2017.


On all the Major Liquor brands & Beers till the stock lasts.    Click for details

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Limited menu from 24th Sep. to 29th Sep.2017 @ 6:30pm onwards

Full menu will be served with regular rates from 30th Sep.2017.

Veg. Menu

01-Mini Batata Wada - Rs.45
02- Veg Pakoda - Rs.120
03- Cheese Pakoda - Rs.162
04- HaraBhara Kabab - Rs.100
05- Cheese Corn Balls - Rs.115
06- Finger Chips - Rs.60

Non-Veg. Menu

07- Boiled egg - Rs.55
08- Achari Tilapi fillet - Rs.155
09- Crabs Claws (6pcs) - Rs.220
10- Fish Finger - Rs.245
11- Shrimp Triangle (samosa) - Rs.150
12- Fish Popups - Rs.85
13- Lobster bite - Rs.110
14- Chicken seek kabab - Rs.173
15- Chicken shammi kabab - Rs.170
16- Chicken kalamiri sausages - Rs.175
17- Chicken cheese onion sausages - Rs.180
18- Chicken cocktail sausages - Rs.180
19- Chicken nuggets - Rs.150
20- Chicken lollypop - Rs.162

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Basement car parking facility now available

Due to red alert we had stopped basement car parking and blocked the basement entrance with sand bags so that rain water does not flood into the basement. Now limited parking is re-opened on several requests from the members. The car parking in the basement is at oewners' risk & cost which must be noted.As soon as the repair work in basement is over, the full capacity of basement will be available for car park.

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E.O.I for Security Service

Date: 18/09/2017



The Management of DADAR CLUB wants to appoint new Security Service with minimum Four Security Guards.
Members desirous of recommending any Security Service of repute & related experience may ask the said contractor / Company representative to co-ordinate with our Operations Manager Ms. Sonali Vernekar / Admin Executive Mr. Pranay Rawool at our club’s Office from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm.
1. The Security Service is advised to inspect the club premises and submit the commercial bids in a sealed envelope indicating the terms & conditions which should include:
a. Contract Period.
b. Salaries with all details.
2. The Security Guard must be above 35 years age, healthy, Strong & preferably knowing Marathi, Hindi & Gujarati Languages.
The bids should be submitted on or before 25th September 2017 at the Club’s Office Upto 6 pm

Jt. Hon. Secretary

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Free Medical Camp

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15th Sep. 2017: Club opens for members & Guests

On requests from several members all the departments except swimming is opened for members and their guests as per the prevailing rules. The swimming pool water is being changed. The newly appointed caterer is getting ready with his new utensils, appliances, staff etc. and will start his services after "Pitru Paksh". The tentative date of starting of veg - non.veg restaurants is scheduled on 27th Sept.2017. Members will be updated about the exact date very soon.

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Shri. Ganesha Maha-Arti

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Satyanarayan Pooja

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Independence Day Flag hoisting ceremony

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Pre-Independence Day Musical Night

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E.O.I for Caterors & Decorators (2017 - 2019)

Open / Download
E.O.I Notice for Caterers / E.O.I Notice for Decorators
E.O.I form for Caterers / Terms & Conditions for Caterers

Contact Pranay : 24143627 / 24150590 ext. 2

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Sub - Committees Formation

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Stand up Comedy Show

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Pre-Shravan Musical Hungama

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Dadar Club Elections complete results

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Dadar Club Elections on 2nd July 2017

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Annual General Body Meeting on 2nd July 2017

At 10 am at Kohinoor Hall, opp. Dadar (E) Railway station.

Open / Download Agenda  Click here

Open / Download Notice  Click here

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24th June 2017, Musical Night

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ICC Championship Trophy

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New Veg. Restaurant started

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Burman Melodies

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ICC Championship Trophy

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Notice date: 07th May 2017.
Extraordinary General Body meeting( E.O.G.M.)
Notice is hereby given that an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of members of Dadar Club will be held onSunday 21st May 2017, 10:30 AM at Dadar Club Banquet Hall, to transact the following business.


1. Obituary of members who left for heavenly abode during FY 2015 - 2016.

2. To receive, consider and adopt the Audited Income and Expenditure account for the year ended 31st March 2016, Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2016 and the Auditors report thereon.

3. To appoint M/s. Yogesh Sovani & Associates as Statutory Auditors for FY 2016 - 2017 at a remuneration of Rs. 45,000/- plus taxes.

4. To allow the Managing Committee to send Audited Income and Expenditure account for the year ended 31st March 2017, Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2017, the Auditors report thereon and Notice of Annual General Meeting for FY 2016 - 2017, along with such other documents as the Managing Committee may deem necessary, by way of Electronic Mail (E-Mail) to all such members whose e-mail address is available in Club records as on the date of such notice while continuing to send to members, whose e-mail address is not available in Club records, the said documents by way of post as is being currently done.

Explanatory Note: In conducting a General Body Meeting of the Club, one of the biggest costs involved is printing and postage of Annual Report booklet. In order to reduce this cost and thereby save Club’s financial resources, Managing Committee proposes to send the Annual Report to members whose E-Mail address is available in Club records. Such members are already being sent regular updates of Club activities by way of E-Mail. Most importantly, by taking this measure Club will make first move in adoption of “Go Green” concept. As a first time move, the Managing Committee is seeking General Body permission only for the Annual General Meeting for FY 2016 – 2017.

5. To allow the Managing Committee to conduct Annual General Meeting for presenting Audited Income and Expenditure account for the year ended 31st March 2017, Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2017 and the Auditors report thereon, along with such other documents as the Managing Committee may deem necessary, at a reduced period of notice of not less than 7 days from the date of such notice and any member desirous of moving a resolution at the said Annual General Meeting shall deposit the same atleast 2 days prior to the date of the meeting.

Explanatory Note: Managing Committee intends to conduct the Annual General Meeting for FY 2016 – 2017 on or before constitutionally prescribed date of 30th June 2017. In view of the limited time period of 40 days that will be available for conducting Annual General Meeting for FY 2016 – 2017 from conclusion of Extra Ordinary General Meeting on 21st May 2017, Managing Committee is requesting for relaxation in the constitutionally prescribed notice period of 14 days and, as a one-time measure, is requesting to be allowed to issue notice for calling the Annual General Meeting at a notice period of 7 days or more. Due to a reduction in notice period, the constitutionally applicable 7 day period for any member who is desirous of moving a resolution in an Annual General Meeting will not hold good. It is thereby requested that such period of depositing the resolution be reduced to 2 days for this particular Annual General Meeting.


If no quorum is present at the start of the meeting then the meeting shall be adjourned for 30 minutes. The members present at such adjourned time shall then be quorum for the meeting.

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Notice date: 18/05/2017

Karaoke Night
Show your talent - participate in contest.

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Date: 13/05/2017

Musical Xtravagenza
A musical Show organised by Mr.& Mrs. Wasan

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Date: 15/05/2017

Sports & Funfest
Sports tournaments by Dadar club from 21st to 28th May 2017.

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Date: 22/04/2017

Guests Drop
Members are requested to drop their guests at the car entrance gate, so that they will enter from the main entry of the club from the reception lobby. This arrangement is made since it has been observed that some members directly go on the upper floors from basement, without paying the guest fees. Members are requested to cooperate in the interest of the club.

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The Multipurpose Room
The Multipurpose Room on second floor will be available from 20th April 2017, for members and their guests on following conditions-

Capacity of about 25 persons.

* For parties & conferences.
* Furniture, food snacks at extra cost as per the requirement and will be supplied by club's Decorator and Caterer.

For 3 hours: Rs. 2700 + taxes
For additional every single hour or part thereof: Rs. 900 + taxes
The member booking the multi-purpose room will be given one time entry passes to be distributed to the invited guests. Guests without valid passes will not be permitted.

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Notice Date: 4th of April 2017

ID cards, Guest coupons & Car stickers compulsory.

All Members entering the Club premises shall have to display their membership ID card

and make an Entry in the Register kept at the Ground floor Level or Swipe the same. Those member's who are not carrying the Membership Card may be restricted to enter the Club Premises.

The guests will not be allowed in any department without valid guest coupons. The members introducing the Guest to the Club will have to make an Entry of the Guest Name and number of Guests etc in the Guest Register maintained at the Ground floor Level with the Members signature and Membership Number. The Member will have to pay the requisite amount as Guest fee to the Club as per the Rates mentioned on the Notice Board for Restaurant's, Bar and Various departments.

All members have been given Car stickers. Those members who do not have Car stickers may still collect the same from the Office on or before the 10th of April 2017. Every Member is allowed two nos. Car Stickers. The TRIG Guards may not allow any cars in the basement without valid car sticker and/or Membership ID Card.

It is also noticed that the Members tend to enter the Club via the Basement or Ground floor without signing the Members Register and / or Guest Register. Everyone is earnestly requested to follow the procedure being set up as forestated.

Please note that any violations of the above rules by the Members the Guards may not allow them to enter the Club. The Undersign therefore appeals to all Dadar Club Members to kindly co-operate and carry the Membership ID Card and the Sticker on the Vehicle to avoid any further inconvenience.

These steps are taken keeping in mind the safety of Members and their guests and so also the Club's Staff and the Contractor's Staff. All members are requested to cooperate.

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Notice Date: 4th of April 2017

Early Bird Scheme

The Managing Committee is glad to inform members that it is introducing EARLYBIRD SCHEME for FY 2017 - 2018 for the benefit of ORDINARY, NEWORDINARY & SPOUSE members wherein such members can pay their monthlysubscription charges for the period 01st April, 2017 to 31st March, 2018, in full,during the period 01st April, 2017 to 30th April, 2017 (both days inclusive) and beentitled for a coupon of the value of 5% of the sum of such monthly subscriptioncharges, excluding taxes, paid by them.

Such coupon will be redeemable at par, in full, at 2nd floor Bar, 3rd floor VegetarianRestaurant and 4th floor Multi Cuisine Restaurant of Dadar Club. The coupon willbe redeemable up to 31st March, 2018 and shall thereafter expire.Members who have already paid their monthly subscription charges for the period01st April, 2017 and onwards will be given credit of such payments at the time ofcoupon value calculation.

Members are requested to provide the receipts of suchpayments at the time of availing Early Bird Scheme. In case of cheque payments,kindly note that coupon issuance will be upon cheque realization.Members having any dues for the period prior to 01st April, 2017 are requested tonote that they will be eligible for Early Bird Scheme only upon entire paymentof such earlier dues and such earlier dues for the period prior to 01st April 2017 shallnot qualify for coupon calculation.Members are requested to take benefit of this scheme at the earliest

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Notice Date: 4th of April 2017

Entry Register

As per the prevailing rules of dadar club, it is mandatory for every member to swipe the ID card at the reception counter before enjoying any club facilities. However, It has been observed that some members are not following the rule even after previous notices. Henceforth Managing Committee will be compelled to take necessary disclipinary action against the defaulting members.

Notice Date: 4th of April 2017

Car Stickers

From 1 st April 2017, Members' cars will be allowed in the club's basement only on veryfying the valid car stickers provided by the club. To avoid any further inconvinience, you are requested to collect the stickers if not collected so far.

Notice Date: 4th of April 2017

Veg. Restaurant

Vegeterian restaurant on 3 rd floor run by Mr. Muttuswamy is closed down due to certain reasons. Members will be informed in advance the day it will be reopened.

Gymnasium & Heath club

The Gymnasium with modern equipments

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Date: 1 st September, 2016
* Permit Room *
* Bar Food Menu *
Bar Food Menu As per the request of members, the Managing Committee, Food Committee & Bar Committee has made following major changes in the Bar food menu. * Veg. and Non Veg. soups and all available desserts will be served in the Bar. * Rotis, Naans , Parathas will not be served in bar. * Revised bar food menu with other few changes will be available soon. The changes will be effective from 15 th September, 2016.

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Date: 2 st September, 2016
* Drop Box *
* For payments *
The Managing Committee is pleased to announce that the suggestions box located on ground floor at front desk of Dadar Club will now serve as Suggestions and Cheque drop box for the purpose of payment of subscription charges of ordinary and new ordinary members. Members are requested to note that it is compulsory to write their name, membership number, mobile / telephone number and e-mail address (if available) on the back side of the cheque before depositing it in the drop box. Failure to do so will lead to non deposit of cheque until the above details are provided to the accounts department. Also, the members can collect their receipts of such cheques from the front desk after 5 working days from the date of dropping the cheque. Also, the above facility is in addition to the existing modes of payment offered by Dadar Club. We request the members to use the drop box facility to make their prompt payments.

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Date: 23 th August, 2016
* DVDs etc. *
Club's Record
Whosoever is interested in any cctv footage / CD / VCD / DVD of club meetings etc. and / or any sensitive  documents related to club , should apply to the Managing Committee and take the inspection of the same, with prior appointment.

The inspection will be given in presence of the club jt.secretary and clicking pictures of any footage / documents will not be allowed.

Please note copy of any CD or sensitive document will not be given.

This decision is in the interest of the club members.

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Date: 5 th August, 2016
* Residential Rooms *
New policy for reservation
New Policy for Residential Room Reservation.

* Residential room bookings will be open 6 (Six) months prior to the month of stay.
* For Deluxe rooms Rs. 3,500/- plus taxes and Suite room Rs. 5,000/- plus taxes till further notice.
* Check in time is 11 am and Check out time 10 am.
* Value added services like Wi-Fi, parking in premises, in room food service will be provided to room guest during their stay free of cost.
* Confirm bookings to affiliated club members will be given only on 100% advance payment.
* Dadar Club members can get confirmed booking upon 50% advance booking payment, balance payment plus tax shall be made at the time of check in.
* The members of Dadar Club and affiliated club members will be provided booking service via email confirmation, RTGS / NEFT payments accepted.
* Dadar Club will charge 50% of cancellation charges to its members and affiliated club members from the date of booking to 30 days prior to the date of stay, after which 100% of cancellation charges will be applicable.
* In case of cancellation, rooms will be allotted to the member on waiting list on first come first serve basis.
* Bulk bookings (more than 3 rooms per member) is available to members for their weddings, family functions etc. against 100% advance payment plus taxes.
* In case of such bulk booking cancellation, 50% of cancellation charges will be applicable from the date of booking to 15 days prior to the date of stay, then after 100% of cancellation charges will be applicable.
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*Swimming Pool *
The pool will remain closed on every Monday, for maintenance purpose.
The members are requested to use costumes as per the standard practise and rules in pool.
Members using unconventional costumes will not be allowed to enter the pool.

* Gymnasium*
The Gymnasium will remain closed on every Sunday after 2 pm for maintenance purpose.
Karaoke Night

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15 th Jan. 2017 Dadar club 89 th Annual Day

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Salsa new batches starts
After a tremendous response to the first bactch, the second batch is starting now. Attend the free demo classes on 6 th & 7 th January 2017.

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X-mas celebration for children, on 24 th Dec. 2016
A Grand X-mas celebration on tennis court. Enjoy Christmas. Venue: Tennis court & Banquet hall

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Lawn Tennis

International Super Tennis Coach, Dr Ludovit Cap from USA comes to Dadar Club for special workshop & clinic in Jan 2017. The Dadar Club & Navdip Singhs' Acharne Sport tennis academy join hands with Professional Tennis Registry, USA (PTR) the largest tennis coaching organisation in the world to hold a unique workshop for coaches followed by a special clinic for the trainees of the Dadar club tennis program.

The Dates of the workshop for coaches commences on the 18th of January finishing on the 21st of January 2017 after which the special clinic for players would happen on the workshops last day, 21st of January 2017.

Dr Ludovit Cap and his representatives travel extensively across the world holding PTR workshops to train coaches and conducting clinics for junior tennis players with a mission to improve the standard of coaching in the respective country.

Dr. Ludovit Cap

This would be their maiden workshop in Mumbai courtesy of Acharne Sport tennis academy & Dadar Club. Dr. Cap holds one of the highest designations in the PTR coaching organisation and is also the Head Pro at the Renowned Dennis Van Der Meer Tennis Centre where Legends and champions like Billie Jean king & Margaret Court were produced.

The special clinic for the tennis trainees would consist of a one hour lesson per 6 player squad conducted by Dr Ludovit Cap assisted by Indias Coach of the year & PTR Professional , Navdip Singh.

The patrons of the tennis academy would be extended expert coaching knowledge & legendary techniques from Dr Cap with the opportunity to hit with Navdip Singh a former ATP Pro & PTR Professional who has defeated several top 200 ranked ATP Players.

The players selection process for the clinic are underway by Mr Navdip Singh. We look forward to welcoming an elite personality of the international tennis coaching world & to having a succeful event.

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Under arm cricket tournaments 2016

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Mr. Vasant Nigudkar
Mr. Rajendra Pai
Mr. Vikas Joshi

Managing Committee

Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh

Jt. Hon. Secretaries
Mr. Shreerang Aras
Mr. Vivek Gadgil

Jt. Hon. Treasurers
Mr. Rajan Bagwe
Mr. Amit Chaudhary

Hon. Members
Mr. Pramod Athavale
Mr. Mandar Ghosalkar

Scrutinee Committee

Hon. Members
Mr. Jitendra Joshi
Mr. Sujit Vartak


Dadar Club
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